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Agrifood Accelerator “Agroanelixis”

Accelerator for agrifood business ideas

What is the agrifood accelerator?

It is a program that aims to support business ideas and innovation in the agricultural sector. More specifically, the "New Agriculture for a New Generation" program, is giving the opportunity to 10 business ideas of products / services in the fields of agri-food / agrotourism / agro-technology to be developed and further evolved.  Four (4) out of ten (10) business ideas, at the end of the acceleration program will receive funding up to € 13,000 for the implementation of their project planning. The objective is to feature and implement innovative ideas that will lead to further development of the Greek agri-food / agrotourism / agro-technology sector, both inside and outside Greece.


Who is it for?

The program is targeted to individuals or companies working in the fields of primary production of agricultural products, nutrition, alternative tourism-agritourism and agro-technology. Participants should be active throughout the agri-food chain (production, processing, marketing of agricultural products, applications including applications of Information and Communication Technology, agritourism activities, etc.).


What is the content of the accelerator program?

The accelerator program consists of two phases:

Phase 1 – Training, Mentoring and Consulting

Executives of the “New Agriculture for a New Generation” program, experienced market experts and researchers will interact and guide all participants.

The aim is to educate, advise and support participants in both practical and theoretical issues on how to develop their business skills, boost the competitiveness of their product/service and network with the market.

This will be achieved mainly through webinars and participants will apply the knowledge gained to their enterprises in a form of project/paper that will be submitted at the end of Phase 1 and should include elements of strategy, innovation, competitive advantage etc. Those papers will be reviewed by a committee, taking also into account the overall progress of the participant.  The committee will select 4 out 10 participants, to move on to Phase 2.

Phase 2 – Microfinancing and Mentoring

The four (4) business ideas selected for funding, will receive up to 13.000 € in the form of a flat-rate subsidy/donation for the implementation of their business plan. The amount will be disbursed to each of the beneficiary’s providers/suppliers on his/her behalf and within 5 months of the contact signing.


What is the duration of the accelerator program?

The duration of the accelerator program is approximately 15 months. Phase 1, lasts 3 months. Guidance and advise will be given to participants by mentors and executives throughout the program.



Applications for the agrifood accelerator program are submitted online and the candidates are evaluated based on their answers to the relevant questionnaire but also after an interview process.

Applications for the first round of the Accelerator, are now closed.