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Food Business Incubator and Innovation Center

The “New Agriculture for a New Generation” program has initiated the process of developing a Food Business Incubator and Innovation Center for agri-food businesses to be established in continental Greece.

The Center will be a one of a kind program in the country, providing practical support to businesses (startups and established) in areas such as

  • training
  • product development
  •  food safety
  •  marketing
  •  exporting
  •  business planning. 

The Center will promote synergies, build strong linkages in the agri-food supply chain, and serve as the hub of an entrepreneurial ecosystem.  

Request for proposals

Project partners are issuing this Request for Proposals for consultants interested in conducting a Program Study which includes assessing the need/demand for the proposed food incubator and innovation center, identify programs and services to be offered, develop criteria for selecting an optimal location, and develop  effective business, financial, operational and management models and plans.

If you are interested in conducting this program study, you can access the following RFP. 

Request for Proposals

Deadline for the submission: January 13, 2020

Q & A's will be posted here on the 10th of December.