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Summer School – Foundations in Agrofood: Principles and Practice

The Summer School of the Agricultural University of Athens was designed as an intensive one-week training programme, during which time at least 60 young individuals in total (divided into 2 cycles with 30 trainees per cycle) will receive training and information on all developments in the agrofood sector.

Objective of the Programme

The objective of the programme is to attract young scientists from different sectors related to agricultural production and food (biologists, chemists, economists, engineers, food scientists, nutritionists, etc.), and to provide them with new knowledge and, therefore, future career prospects.

Who it is for

  • Undergraduate students in their final year, who work or want to work in the agrofood sector.
  • Postgraduate students and young individuals up to the age of 40 who are involved or want to become involved in the agrofood sector.


The curriculum includes the following, by way of example:

  • tackling issues pertaining to the Mediterranean Diet and the important role it plays as a valuable tool for the protection of human health
  • the value of Traditional Greek Agricultural Products
  • the safety and quality assurance of the entire production cycle (from field to shelf), sustainable agricultural development
  • innovation throughout the agrofood sector
  • the challenges resulting from the productive restructuring of the of the agrofood sector

Area of action of the 2018-19 training cycle

Trikala, Thessaly

Duration of action

1 week

Further information

Dimitra Xenaki
Artemis Rigou
Project Management Office (PMO) of New Farming for the New Generation
Agricultural University of Athens, 75, Iera Odos Street, Athens, 11855, tel.: 210-5294963, 210-5294964