Advisory Council

Agriculture Group

  • Stathis Klonaris, President of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Development, Agricultural University of Athens
  • George Papadakis, Professor of Renewable Energy Technology, Director of the Laboratory of Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural University of Athens
  • George Arsenos, Professor, School of Veterinary Medicine, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • Alexandros Mpotos, President of Roussas cheese company S.A.
  • Christos Giannakakis, Chairman of the Administrative Committee of National Association of Agricultural Cooperatives
  • Dionysia Lira, Halophyte Agronomist & Researcher, ICBA
  • George Kiriakis, President of the Agricultural Association of Trikala
  • Christos Stamatis, CEO, La Mia Stevia
  • Alkis Alexandrou, General Manager, Agricultural Banking, Piraeus Bank
  • Aikaterini Kamilaki, Emeritus Researcher, Director of the Folklore Center of Athens Academy
  • Stelios Vasilakis, Expert in Civil Society Issues
  • Panos Chamakiotis, Regional Director EMEA | MD Europe, Middle East, Africa Managing Director | CEO at COMPO EXPERT HELLAS & SPAIN
  • Maria Partalidou, Associate Professor Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Faculty of Agriculture | Dep. Of Agricultural Economics Lab. of Agricultural Extensions & Rural Sociology

Food Industry Group

  • Gianna Tzika, CEO, KONVA
  • Danae Mpezantakou, Managing Director, Navigator Shipping Consultants
  • Dimitris Kouretas, Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, University of Thessaly
  • Ploutarhos Sakellaris, Professor, Department of Economics, School of Economics, Athens University of Economics and Business
  • John Stavros, Hosting Entrepreneur, Vice President and Co-Owner of Terra Medi
  • Panagiotis Skandamis, Professor, Hygiene of Food Industry Facilities, Agricultural University of Athens
  • Giannis Kiriakou, Business Consultant
  • Vaso Papadimitriou, General Manager, Association of Greek Food Industries
  • Eva Polizogopoulou, Civil Society Expert
  • Stelios Dris, CEO, FoodStandard
  • Kostas Karavasilis, Food Science & Innovation Expert, General Manager RaD45
  • Nick Chorianopoulos, Principal Investigator, Institute of Agricultural Products Technology, Hellenic Agricultural Organization - DIMITRA
  • Tasos Lamprou, Business Development Specialist in the Agri-Food Sector
  • Akis Bis, CEO, Intrum Investments Greece
  • Andrianna Kaliora, Associate Professor, Harokopio University
  • Panagiotis Zoumpoulakis, Associate Professor, University of West Attica
  • Adamantini Kiriakou, Associate Professor of Microbiology, Harokopio University
  • Varvara Avdi, CEO, Yades Greek Historic Hotels and Vice President, Historic Hotels of Europe