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Enhancing the Position of High Nutritional Value Products

Enhancing the Position of High Nutritional Value Products

The action "Enhancing the Position of High Nutritional Value Products" aims to highlight the value of Greek agricultural products by identifying and adding health claims, thereby promoting their exports. It represents a structured approach to documenting health claims for products and supporting local production to further enhance competitiveness.

Increasing the competitiveness of high nutritional value products creates excellent prospects for the overall development of rural areas, ensuring added value for the products themselves. Additionally, through this action, it is possible to support other sectors that will benefit from increased economic activity, such as logistics and tourism.

The action is designed and implemented by the organization New Agriculture New Generation and the University of Thessaly (UTH), with the support of the National Union of Agricultural Cooperatives (ETHAE). The project leader is Dr. Dimitrios Kouretas, Professor at UTH, Laboratory of Animal Physiology, Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology.

Action Objective

Highlighting health claims in local Greek products will increase their added value. However, in most cases, these properties have not been investigated. This specific action constitutes a structured approach to documenting health claims and supporting local production to enhance competitiveness.

The research action is addressed to:

  • Municipalities
  • Regions
  • Cooperatives & other collaborative schemes
  • Companies and producers

Action Structure

The project is executed in two distinct phases.

The first phase involves field research, laboratory analysis procedures, communication with the local agri-food system, and informing the interested public. The project will focus on 8 local products of high nutritional value:

  • Pieria Kiwis (PGI)
  • Naoussa Peaches (PDO)
  • Zagora Pelion Apples (PDO)
  • Maleme Chania Crete Oranges (PDO)
  • Prespes Florina Beans (giant elephants) (PGI)
  • Cretan Stamnagathi
  • Sykouri Almonds from the Ossa area
  • Edessa Cherries

In the second phase, the project focuses on business support and developing a comprehensive strategy for the commercial promotion of the health claims that will add value to the produced products.

It is clear that identifying and adding health claims to Greek products will give them significant added value, especially for exports.

Duration of Action

The duration of the research program is 12 months.

More Information

Dr. Dimitrios Kouretas, Professor, University of Thessaly

Tel: 2410565277, 6947892709


Kalliopi Karaboiki, Capacity Building Associate, New Agriculture New Generation

Tel: 2106917986, 6972096122