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Cultivate Agrifood e-learning platform

Αgrifood e-learning platform

The Cultivate e-learning platform developed by the "New Agriculture New Generation"  aims to create a non-formal online education hub in the agrifood sector at both national and European level.

The objective of the platform is to provide training opportunities to young people so they can develop or even re-new their knowledge and skills that will help them work in the agrifood sector and continue to be competitive.


Aim of the educational platform

The Cultivate online training platform will provide farmers, scientists, businesses and institutions with the opportunity to be trained and have access to the most up-to-date knowledge in the sector.

Guided by the values of collaboration, high quality and sustainable development, the Cultivate platform opens a new path in the agrifood education for South East Europe.

Training  Modules

The training courses offered by the platform will cover the whole range of agrifood sector and will meet the modern challenges of the industry.

The courses are designed based on the needs of the industry; needs that stem from changes in the global agrifood system, the search for solutions to problems such as climate change, the design of the new Common Agricultural Policy 2021-2027 and from the EU Green Deal. 


Information - Applications 

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