Support our work

Corporate support

If you are a company that wants to support our work and the youth working in the Agrifood sector, there are many opportunities for collaboration, tailored to your needs.

Within our partnership, we can agree together on the way of your support and provide you with contributory benefits depending on the type of collaboration.

We are seeking partnerships that build on our common values of empowering young people and revitalizing the Agrifood industry and are governed by transparency and professionalism.


If you are a Foundation that wants to support youth in Greece and take part in the revitalization of the Agrifood industry, the program can be a step in the realization of your vision.

You can select and support one of our many activities or our entire program depending on the areas of your interest.  

As part of your support, you will be recognized for your support via our communication channels and through your participation in our activities and events.

Individual Donors

If you are an individual wishing to make a donation to support young people in Greece so they can have a sustainable future while at the same time contributing to the shaping the Agrifood sector in the country, then the program can give you many opportunities to act.

Your donation will be recognized and in addition you will receive information about your contribution and how it will be used in the program’s activities.


Archonto Antonatou

Fundraising Manager

T: +30 210 6917986 | +30 6983 305 817