Trophy - Τροφή 2023

TrophyΤροφή is a pioneering initiative that invests in the development and enhancement of the Greek agri-food innovation ecosystem, highlighting and rewarding innovative business ideas and startups operating in the fields of agrotechnology, food technology, and agrologistics with products and services that utilize innovative technologies, even in the early stages of development.

The organization New Agriculture New Generation has been organizing TrophyΤροφή since 2019, having collaborated with most universities, research institutions, multinational companies, and VCs.

To date, through this initiative, 122 startups have been supported, while a total of 16 participants distinguished within the framework of the initiative have shared monetary prizes totaling €100,000. Additionally, they have received consulting support and the necessary networking in Greece and abroad for the development of commercial and business solutions aimed at addressing modern challenges in the agri-food sector.

In 2023, the TrophyΤροφή initiative, shaping a comprehensive value proposition for the entire agri-food entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, combines innovative initiatives such as the Trophy Meet-ups and the open innovation program Trophy Open Innovation.

The results of the TrophyΤροφή activities for 2023 will be presented in a final event, a celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship in agri-food!

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