Train the Trainers


Continuous training and upskilling of our trainers

The Train the Trainers workshops are an innovation in the Greek Agrifood sector, designed for our trainers, who will transfer their knowledge and experience to the beneficiaries.

We want our trainers to offer their trainees not only useful information but also tools to accomplish culture change towards networking and collaboration in the industry.

The program aims to:

  • Strengthen the hard and soft skills of the program's trainers in order to respond to the specificities of adult education.
  • Develop trainers who are already established scientists and practitioners to effective Agricultural Extension Workers.
  • Establish a support framework for the implementation of innovative education practices in the Agrifood sector.

In a later phase we aim to expand the Train the Trainers program to professionals and scientists in the industry who wish to specialize in consulting services.

Access to training materials, exclusively for programm instructors.