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Trophy-Τροφή Challenge

What is Trophy-Τροφή Challenge ?

Τhe "Trophy – Τροφή" Challenge was designed to reward innovative business ideas and startups that develop commercial and business solutions in the fields of agricultural technology and agrifood. It is an opportunity to highlight and implement sustainable solutions that will incorporate innovation in the field of agrifood and guarantee the population’s food safety as well as respect for the environment.

The Challenge highlights teams that use state-of-the-art technology to develop products, services and innovative solutions that "meet" modern agrifood challenges.  


What are the categories of “Trophy-Τροφή Challenge”?

All interested parties, can submit their application under three categories:

1. Agri-Tech Startups for business proposals related to the primary sector and have developed a prototype

2. Food-Tech Startups, for business proposals related to food processing and quality and have developed a prototype

3. Agri-Tech & Food-Tech Ideas  for business proposals related either the primary sector or food processing and quality, that have not yet developed any prototype and are in the early stages of development


What is the application process?

The proposals are first reviewed by the Managing Comittee for their eligibility and then evaluated for the innovation, sustainability and applicability of their business plan by a special evaluation committee.

The thirty finalists will participate in a two-day bootcamp, (July 7-8) where they will receive guidance from experts to pitch their ideas "live" to the public and to a committee, during the final phase of the Competition which will take place on July 9.

The winners of the competition, will gain on top of the cash prizes (total value of € 22,000), opportunities for international networking and tailored support in all aspects of their business. 


Organizers and Supporters of “Trophy-Τροφή Challenge”

The "Trophy - Τροφή Challenge" competition is implemented by the program "New Agriculture for a New Generation", under the guidance of Rutgers University, in collaboration with the Agricultural University of Athens and the American Farm School, and with the support of Industry Disruptors Game Changers (ID -GC).

The major donor of the program "New Agriculture for a New Generation"," and the ""Trophy - Τροφή Challenge" is Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

Sponsors of this year's event are the US Embassy and the companies BAYER, BASF and Tuvunu. The non-cash prizes of the competition are offered by VODAFONE Business, law firm Potamitis Vekris, the voluntary organization KEMEL and the business consultants RSM Greece.


When can I submit my application?

All interested parties can submit their applications online at www.trophychallenge.gr. Deadline for applications is 12.6.2020.