Poultry Farming

The training program is designed and implemented by the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), under the scientific guidance of a host of experienced university professors, researchers and professionals. The action is headed by assistant professor Michael Goliomytis, with many years of experience in extensive services and vocational training in animal production.

The training program entitled “Broiler Farming”, offers training in broiler, broiler parent stock and turkey production with the aim to develop required knowledge, skills and competences to 30 young farmers and newcomers in order to successfully run a farm with respect to animal welfare, the environment and the society.

The training program has a duration of 40 hours, of which 36 hours are allocated to theory and 4 hours are allocated to practical training in a poultry farm.

A Certificate of Attendance is provided at the end of the program.

Objective of the Program

The objective of the program is to provide young farmers with learning outcomes that will be shortly implemented by them in order to increase performance and consequently profitability of their farm with positive effects on sustainability of local communities.

At the same time, newcomers will have the advantage of designing and run properly a poultry farm from the start of its function which minimizes possible faults and mistakes that might have occurred without the participation in the proposed poultry farming training program.   

Who it is for

Young individuals, living in the region of Epirus, that are:

  • broiler and/or broiler parent stock and/or turkey farmers,
  • unemployment and underemployment newcomers who intent to become broiler and/or broiler parent stock and/or turkey farmers, preferably individuals that have been applied and/or received financial support (for example, from the European Union and the Greek state) for establishment of a broiler and/or broiler parent stock and/or turkey farm.


The curriculum includes the following topics (indicatively):

Best management practices for farming of:

  • Broiler
  • broiler parent stock
  • turkeys
  • modern approaches in poultry feeding
  • On farm bio-security measures
  • Common diseases of broilers, broiler parent stock and turkeys
  • Designing a vaccination program, vaccine types, routes of administration, best practices
  • Poultry house design, facilities and equipment, new technologies and modern approaches
  • Poultry welfare
  • Production costs calculation
  • Environmental impact of a poultry farm

Area of activation of the 2019-20 training round


Duration of action

Two teaching courses of 15 trainees each in November 2019 and February 2020.
The duration of each training course will be 10 days, for two consecutive weeks (Monday to Friday), 4 teaching hours a day.
 Attendance is mandatory.

For further info

Artemis Rigou
Project Management Office (PMO) of New Farming for the New Generation
Agricultural University of Athens, 75, Iera Odos Street, Athens, 11855, tel.: 210-5294963, 210-5294964