Throwback to our Milestones

Started as a... challenge, turned into a habit! Remember...
"New Agriculture for a New Generation" program & ID-GC Industry Disruptors Game Changers co-organized the "Trophy-Food Challenge" competition for young people with innovative business ideas, in the field of food technology & agro-technology.
Participants had the opportunity to claim cash prizes of €25,000 and supportive consulting services!
Ianos Project 
Always next to those in need!
We are very proud that, in collaboration with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, we supported the livestock farmers of Karditsa, who lost almost everything from the cyclone "Ianos".
Our goal was to organize a support network, replacing 700 animals and 63 tons of feed, giving hope and opportunities for a new beginning. The personal testimonies of the benefiting breeders highlight the solidarity and strength of the people of the community to overcome trials of such magnitude.
Thank you once again to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation for the trust and to all the valuable partners who supported us!
Participation in 86th Thessaloniki International Fair
Together we make a difference!
The Prime Minister congratulates the organization "New Agriculture New Generation" for its work and talks with beneficiaries!
The Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakos pointed out that "We have said many times that one of the biggest challenges is to renew the human resources in the agricultural sector with young people, educated, well qualified, who love what they do, use technology to improve their productivity,". He also discussed with three young farmers-breeders, Eleni Plachoura, Vassilis Dina and Alexandros Manouras, during his visit to the event of the organization "New Agriculture - New Generation", at the stand opening of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food.

Alternative Tourism Program

Strong synergies mean strong programs that stand the test of time!

In 2018, the "Alternative Tourism" program started. The program was implemented by the American Agricultural School, and Maria Soumelidou was the trainer and responsible for the "Legal framework and ethics in the Tourism Sector" section.

Maria emphasized that "The program gives students the rare opportunity to meet people like them, to collaborate and create synergies, to implement exciting and innovative ideas together. They come from all scientific backgrounds, but have the same dream. I want to see our students start new businesses here in Greece or offer their specialized knowledge to serious alternative tourism businesses."


DG Agri

Our work does not go unnoticed!

We were selected by the European Commission/DG Agri as a Best Practice and have been invited to present our work as a reference point for the agri-food industry in the European Union, in the context of the Conference "Agriculture has talent! Vocational education & training for an agriculture in transition” in Brussels.

Participation in 28th AGROTICA
Our presence always made the difference!
The 28th Agrotica started on Thursday 30 January 2020 and the program "New Agriculture for the New Generation" was there!
Rutgers Food Innovation Center (FIC)
Rutgers Greece based team for ''New Agriculture for a New Generation'' program visited Rutgers Food Innovation Center (FIC), the biggest food incubator in the world with FDA/USDA facility approved.
Train the Trainers 
The first "Train the Trainers" workshop was completed in 2018 in Pieria with great success!
The Train the Trainers workshops were an innovation in the Greek Agrifood sector, designed for the trainers of New Agriculture New Generation, who transfered their knowledge and experience to the beneficiaries.

Silver Award at the Best City Awards 2022

New Agriculture New Generation team received the Silver Award at the Best City Awards 2022 on behalf of the Municipality of Agia and the Mayor Mr. Antonis Gountaras, for the program "Local Products of the Municipality of Agia: from Production to Shelf" which is implemented in collaboration with the organization “New Agriculture New Generation” and aims to highlight local products and connect producers with food and hosting services.

Bravo Sustainability Awards 2022

The program “Queen rearing: Rescue and Genetic Improvement of Bees in Thessaly” was awarded at the Bravo Sustainability Awards 2022 organized by the QualityNet Foundation, with more than 16,000 citizens participating in the voting procedure.

Environmental Awards 2022

The program “Queen rearing: Rescue and Genetic Improvement of Bees in Thessaly” received the GOLD Award, in the category of Sustainable Agriculture, at the Environmental Awards 2022.

Indie Awards 2023

New Agriculture New Generation in collaboration with the digital marketing agency “The Futurecats” received the Silver Award, in the category “Best Use of Digital, at the Indie Awards 2023.

Thank you for your support! 

Restarting the agricultural economy in Northern Evia

The organization "New Agriculture New Generation", implements the program "Restarting the Agricultural Economy in North Evia", which is part of the Fire relief initiative for Νorthern Evia of Stavros Niarchos Foundation
The initiative supports up to 300 beekeepers, 300 resin producers/choppers, 40 livestock farmers and the local communities, in the areas of the Municipality of Limni - Mantoudi - Agia Anna and the Municipality of Istiaea - Edipsos, over a period of one year.
Delphi Economic Forum
One of main NANG’s strategic priorities is to trigger public-discourse and actively contribute to the ecosystem building of the agri-food sector, always considering this sector as a crucial part of the wider socioeconomic context.

To this end NANG has ensured its participation at the international annual conference of the widely acclaimed Delphi Economic Forum (DEF) from 2021 until today.

Climate Change Conference: The Future of the Agrifood Sector
The chain effects of climate change, as well as the threats and opportunities of the agrifood sector, were the topic of the digital three-day International Conference "Climate Change: The Future of the Agrifood Sector" organized by the New Agriculture New Generation.

New Agriculture New Generation in the 3M Impact Global program
The well-known company 3M, with the 3M Impact Global program, a special approach to the volunteering of its employees, aims to spread knowledge and exchange know-how among professionals.
3M employees come into contact with different cultures with the aim of solving a real life social or environmental issue. One of the organizations selected in 2022, as part of this specific action, was New Agriculture New Generation.
Over two extremely productive weeks we worked seamlessly with members of the 3M international team to create our organization's guide and ESG Principles.
We are proud that 3M has recognized us as one of the most influential non-profit organizations in Europe. The experience was truly unique and we all came out of this initiative as winners.