Alternative Tourism

The training programme is designed and implemented by the American Farm School. It has a duration of 2 semesters consisting of 12 weeks each, i.e. 272 academic hours. The modules in the first semester are mainly theoretical, however they also include an educational trip, while the modules in the second semester involve the application of theory and practice, in collaboration with local external collaborators who are professionals in the field of alternative tourism. At the end of the training year, trainees with the best performance are given the opportunity to complete a paid two-month practical training programme at selected alternative tourism enterprises in Greece.

A Certificate of Attendance is provided at the end of the programme. Those who are interested can sit the certification examinations held by the Interchamber Certification Body (DIFOP). ( )

Objective of the Programme

This programme was designed following extensive research into the sector’s need for human resources. Therefore, its objective is to support and guide young individuals who aspire to do business in this sector, either as entrepreneurs or as staff of tourism enterprises, or who aim to improve their knowledge and the performance of existing alternative tourism enterprises, thus contributing to the reinforcement of this sector.

Who it is for

  • Young individuals (under the age of 40) having graduated from high school, Vocational Training Institutes, Universities or Technological Educational Institutes, who have obtained a certificate in at least one foreign language and are interested either in working or starting a business in the alternative tourism sector.  


The curriculum  the following topics (indicatively):

  • Creation of Tourism Experiences
  • Gastronomic Tourism
  • Introduction to Alternative Tourism Marketing
  • Agrotourism: principles and practices

At the end of the second semester, trainees are given the opportunity – in collaboration with local public and private organisations – to participate in the planning and presentation of a new tourism product for a different region every year, by applying the theoretical knowledge and skills acquired during the course of the programme.

Areas of activation of the 2018-19 training round


Duration of action

1 year

For further info

Anisa Bellou
Project Leader
Strategic Project Management Office, American Farm School,
54 Marinou Antipa Street, P.O. Box 60097, 570 01, Thermi, Thessaloniki
Tel.: 2310-492848

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