Sheep & Goat: Enhancing Dairy & Meat Sector

The training programme is designed and implemented by the American Farm School and aims at supporting the livestock farming sector by offering a new business model for utilizing goat's milk, as well as sheepmeat and goatmeat.

A Certificate of Attendance is provided at the end of the programme.

Objective of the Programme

The objective of the programme is to provide consulting and training in issues pertaining to livestock farming; to conduct research and develop new products made with goat’s milk; and to provide guidance on issues concerning the development and marketing of fresh and processed sheepmeat and goatmeat. Insofar as this is possible, the potential benefits of using existing domestic breeds will be highlighted; practices will be introduced with the aim of optimizing the two production activities; and the creation of future, pilot groups of young livestock farmers will be facilitated.

Who it is for

The programme provides consulting and training to at least 70 young persons between the ages of 18 and 40 every year for a period of three years. These individuals include prospective and young livestock farmers, future and current animal production, food and veterinary scientists, as well as professionals in sectors related to the production and processing of dairy products and meat.


The curriculum includes the following topics (indicatively):

  • Animal nutrition
  • Health and welfare of animals
  • Genetics and reproduction
  • Pasture management
  • Meat processing
  • Processing of dairy products
  • Basic principles of cheese-making
  • Food quality and safety
  • Financial management
  • Promotion and marketing of livestock products 

Areas of activation of the 2019-20 training round

Central and Western Macedonia, Epirus, Thessaly, Eastern Macedonia & Thrace

Duration of action

12 months

For further info

Vicky Krystallidou
Strategic Project Management Office
American Farm School, 54 Marinou Antipa Street, P.O. Box 60097, 570 01, Thermi, Thessaloniki
Tel.: 2310- 492737