Small Farm Adoption

The training programme is designed and implemented by the American Farm School. It provides consulting in relation to the establishment and operation of small family farms to 150 young individuals every year over a period of three years.

The programme’s modules concern consulting services in the form of annual support in the field, which have been specially adapted to the needs of participants. Consulting is also provided in issues of quality assurance, marketing and promotional actions.

A Certificate of Attendance is provided at the end of the programme.

Objective of the Programme

The objective of the programme is to support and provide guidance to young farmers who wish to do business in the farming sector or improve the performance of their existing farms, thus contributing to their sustainability.

Who it is for

  • Groups consisting of young producers with similar crops in the selected areas of action of the programme.
  • Experienced producers forming part of these groups, who play a consulting role by conveying their knowledge and experience to younger producers.


The curriculum includes the following topics (indicatively):

  • Propagating material
  • Fertilizing
  • Plant protection
  • Irrigation
  • Harvesting
  • Precision farming techniques
  • Standardization and marketing issues

During the implementation of the action, trainees have the opportunity to train on the job, i.e. while practising their activities.

Area of activation of the 2019-20 training round

Regions of Central and Western Macedonia, Thessaly, Phthiotis

Duration of action

12 months

For further info

Ilias Kalfas
Strategic Project Management Office
American Farm School, 54 Marinou Antipa Street, P.O. Box 60097, 570 01, Thermi, Thessaloniki
Tel.: 2310-492827