Smart farming: new technologies for sustainable crops

The training program is designed and implemented by the Agricultural University of Athens, under the scientific guidance of a host of experienced university professors headed by Thomas Bartzanas & Spyros Fountas associate professors, with many years of extensive experience in Greenhouses and Smart Farming Technologies.

The training program titled “New technologies for Sustainable Farming”, offers training in greenhouse and hydroponics systems, controlled environment agriculture, precision farming, application of smart farming techniques and technologies to 360 young people every year.

The training program has a duration of 80 hours, of which 40 hours are allocated to theory and 40 hours are allocated to practical training in the field and relative experimental facilities (i.e greenhouses).

A Certificate of Attendance is provided at the end of the program.

Objective of the Program

The objective of the program is to give young generation (including farmers) the opportunity to acquire or improve/update already available knowledge and skills in new smart farming technologies that can be applied in the primary agricultural production and lead to a more sustainable use of external inputs, thus leading to a smart crop production with reduced environmental footprint using hi-tech and smart technologies. The program will focus on controlled environment crop production (greenhouse and hydroponics systems) and to precision agriculture techniques and technologies.

At the same time, it aims to strengthen the presence of Greek agricultural products both in the domestic and international markets.

Who it is for

  • Unemployed young individuals without experience in greenhouses and smart farming technologies, who have graduated from high school or hold a higher-education degree.
  • Young farmers who own agricultural land / greenhouses and suitable machinery in order to apply farming practices.
  • Underemployed young individuals working in family businesses in the field of greenhouses and crop production.
  • Young farmers working in small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of greenhouses and smart farming crop production, who wish to develop agrotourism services and products.


The curriculum includes the following topics (indicatively):

  • Agriculture
  • Informatics
  • Biology and related to smart farming degrees Economics.

Depending on the case, preparation of business plans and consulting according to product or service that is to be produced/provided by special scientists

Areas of activation of the 2019-20 training round

  • Volos (Dec’19 – Jan’20). The training relates smart technologies and techniques for high quality products.
  • Marathonas (March – April 2020). The training relates smart technologies and techniques for high quality products.
  • Kyparissia (May – June’20).The training relates precision farming technologies.
  • Filiatra (May – June ’20). The training relates Greenhouses and Hydroponic Crops.
  • Chania (May – June ’20). There will be two training workshops, the first of which concerns greenhouse and hydroponics crops and the second concerns precision farming technologies.

Duration of action

80 hours duration
Attendance is mandatory.
Classes are held 12 days every month (approximately)

For further info

Artemis Rigou
Project Management Office (PMO) of New Farming for the New Generation
Agricultural University of Athens, 75, Iera Odos Street, Athens, 11855, tel.: 210-5294963, 210-5294964