Stevia: A Sustainable and Regenerative switch

Short description

Greek agriculture is facing a variety of problems, from the small clergy to the lack of farmers’ technological training, as well as the minimal training of producers on organic farming methods. This educational and consulting program aims to motivate young producers to invest in the new, promising cultivation of stevia.

The organization "New Agriculture New Generation " in collaboration with the Stevia Hellas Cooperative and the Agri-Food Partnership of Central Greece, is offering free training and counseling program for the cultivation of stevia, to young farmers and producers from Central Greece. The proposed program will prepare a total of 30 new producers living to the prefectures of Fthiotida and Viotia, who will be motivated to grow stevia by applying sustainable cultivation techniques and organic farming methods. Participants will be trained to expand their technological knowledge of cultivation and combine it with basic knowledge of sales and marketing to help boost their products to the market.

The training program lasts 172 hours, of which 60 hours are through distance learning and 112 hours are practicing in fields, but they also include visits to agri-food companies and agricultural holdings.

At the end of the program a Certificate of Attendance will be given to participants.

Program objectives

The main objective of the program is to motivate young people in the region - which has one of the highest unemployment rates across Europe - to be actively involved in the agricultural sector and to unlock the opportunities provided by organic and regenerative agriculture. Through the training program, young producers will be ready to utilize the knowledge they have gained about sustainability and sustainable development and apply it to stevia cultivation.

Target group

The program provides training to young people from rural areas who wish to engage in farming, while priority will be given to those who already come from rural families, or are graduates of agricultural institutions. The participants must be residents of Fthiotida or Viotia, areas where the training program will be implemented.


The curriculum includes the following topics (indicatively):

• Implementation of a Strategy for a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food production system, through the European Farm to Fork strategy.
• Basic Principles & Best Practices of Organic & Regenerative Cultivation - Agroecology
• Implementation of the EU 2030 Biodiversity strategy. Knowledge about the Greek Ecosystem, Greek Aromatic and Medicinal plants
• Stevia Rebaudiana, Best Cultivation Practices
• Food Hygiene, Safety and Quality
• Innovative processing technologies
• Project Management - Think like an Entrepreneur
• Basic Principles of Marketing & Sales Techniques

Areas of activation of the 2021-22 training round

Prefecture of Fthiotida (Lamia & Livanates) & Prefecture of Viotia (Orchomenos)

Duration of action

12 months

For further info

Christos Stamatis
Stevia Hellas Coop
Tel: 2231054040