Training in propagation material

The training program is designed and implemented by the Agricultural University of Athens, under the scientific guidance of a host of experienced university professors headed by Professor Maria Papafotiou, with many years of extensive experience in the training of professional farmers.

The training program titled “Propagation material for ornamentals, vegetables, crops, and trees”, offers training in the production and proper handling of propagation material of the above-mentioned crops in two groups of 20 young people (in two areas, 20 beneficiaries/area) who will be trained and informed for all the latest developments if this sector.

The training program has a duration of 100 hours, of which 30 hours are allocated to theory and 70 hours are allocated to practical training in the field.

A Certificate of Attendance is provided at the end of the program.

Objective of the Program

The objective of the program is to give young farmers the opportunity to be actively involved in the sector of propagation material for ornamentals, vegetables, crops and trees, and this way they will contribute in the sustainability of the countryside, in the development of skills and knowledge which will prove useful in the business in which they are working for or to found their own business.

At the same time, it aims to strengthen the presence of the production of propagation material of Greece both in the domestic and international markets.

Who it is for

  • Young farmers, unemployed and underemployed in the sector with little or no experience in the production of propagation material, who wish to acquire practical and theoretical knowledge in order to be specialized in this particular sector.
  • Young farmers who are in need of professional and specialized training.
  • More experienced farmers who are in need of advisory support on plant propagation and who within a broader framework of guidance will be able to explore topics ranging from selection to the use of propagation material.


The curriculum includes the following topics (indicatively):

  • Types of propagation material
  • Principles and techniques of seed production
  • Principles and techniques of vegetative propagation material
  • Grafting
  • Tissue culture

Areas of activation of the 2019-20 training round

  • Marathon (part of training sessions will take place at the Agricultural University of Athens). The training relates to propagating material for ornamental plants, horticultural species and large crops.
  • Naoussa (close to the city of Naoussa; it will be announced on a later stage). The training is about propagating material for tree crops.

Duration of action

6 months (January to June 2020)
Attendance is mandatory.
Classes are held for 4 or 5 days every 20-25 days (approximately).

For further info

Artemis Rigou
Project Management Office (PMO) of New Farming for the New Generation
Agricultural University of Athens, 75, Iera Odos Street, Athens, 11855, tel.: 210-5294963, 210-5294964